Who We Work With

“Technology in agriculture is changing at a rapid rate which often leaves our farm data very fragmented and nothing tends to talk to each other. Map of Ag helps to solve this problem by bringing together all our farm data into one place. It gives me access to live data in the farm office and on the go which allows me to make better decisions”

Andy Venables, Farmer


From managing the hands-on aspects of the farm (ploughing, milking, stock management etc) to making decisions on fertiliser and feed, farming today is a demanding, ever-changing business. Not to mention regulation, contracts, measurement, staff management and liaising with suppliers and advisors.

Our innovative technology supports farmers by bringing valuable insight to the farm office. Information and forms – previously paper-based – can now be automated to be stored and filed digitally. Better still, the information is much easier to understand, supports decision-making for the future, saves valuable time and gives you the option to share easily with trusted advisers.

It’s time to start connecting agriculture

We work with farmers to develop their business by connecting them with advisors and other farmers to share ideas, benchmarks and best practice.

Your data is safe with us

We place the utmost importance on the security and privacy of your data. Farmers have complete authority over every aspect of the data they permission to their defined audiences. These acts of sharing are controlled in a secure, professional environment.


With our unique sharing and visual tools, trusted advisors can provide the best possible service to farms. Advisors get instant access to relevant data / analysis, making your contribution to the farm business better informed, better timed and of greater value.

Our digital tools offer you a unique opportunity to analyse your community’s performance. These pioneering cross-community metrics provide real-time benchmarking, KPIs and increased transparency.


Farming is at the heart of the food industry. Our specialist knowledge of agriculture and the food supply chain is enhanced by our continual in-house research to track attitudes, behaviours and trends. We work with primary producers, manufacturers, processors and wholesalers on a range of agri-food marketing issues with a focus on collaborative supply chains and business relationship development.

We listen to farmers across Argentina, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom every day. With the ability to connect AgBusiness to over 74,000 farms, we have expertise in providing market intelligence on the most important issues in farming, identifying new market trends, conducting original primary fieldwork with farmers and delivering effective strategies for predictive marketing programmes.