What We Do


We employ state of the art data modelling, allowing us to most effectively utilise our data science capabilities. Across our data models we not only employ cutting edge analytics, but build bespoke algorithms to maximise the insight we can offer the farmer and the industry as a whole.

Our products enable Farmers, AgProfessionals and AgBusiness to collect, store, manage and share information in real-time. These holistic solutions make life easier for farmers and their trusted advisers by securely automating everyday information, from compliance reporting and information sharing to data analysis and benchmarking.

By collecting and centralising appropriate, relevant data, we turn it into something meaningful and useful for the user. Better still, the information is much easier to understand, easier to use in decision-making, and saves valuable time.

“All the information was already there – it just meant hooking all the bits together. It helps me keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Shaun Wilson, Farmer


Predictive marketing is the use of data science and the application of analytics to understand which marketing actions are likely to succeed (and which ones are likely to fail).

Map of Ag is the pioneer of predictive marketing in agriculture; where our analytics are powering real-time marketing interventions; where insight is dynamic and autonomous; where action becomes more timely.

We provide market insight on 74,953 farms, with more than 4 million observations going back to harvest 1994 with up to 150 layers of insight against each farm.

Industry modelling from Farm Structures Model outputs layers which we are able to combine with other layers of public and private domain information. We can then build customised, interactive and dynamic insight at a granular level.

“Market intelligence in agriculture is moving from a ‘rear view mirror’ perspective to a forward-looking stance. We believe that real-time analytics will increasingly take the place of quantitative research for the whole agricultural industry. Qualitative research is still necessary if we are to truly understand what is in the farmer’s head but most valuable of all is the farmer’s deep values and drivers.”

Jim Williams, Map of Agriculture


For 25 years, we have successfully combined the disciplines of quantitative and qualitative research, marketing services and strategic consultancy to provide market insight, competitive advantage and customer differentiation to a range of AgBusiness and government. Our comprehensive research services enable you to make informed decisions about your products and services to improve performance, customer relationships and profitability. We provide a wide range of in-house interviewing techniques (CATI, CAWI, CAPI) and direct marketing services.

Our dedicated team of agricultural analysts cover a range of disciplines including agronomy, economics, data science, farm management and market research. Their expertise includes agricultural analytics and industry-level modelling for seed, crop protection, crop nutrition, animal health and animal nutrition.

A global business, we operate from locations in Argentina, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“We spend more than 35,123 hours a year talking to farmers – we know who to speak to, how to engage them and which questions to ask.”